This Will Change The Way You Think

In 1 Minute 28 Seconds, A Poor Man Proves That You Don’t Need Money To Change The World!

Recently, Youtuber Sam Pepper conducted a social experiment by approaching diners for pizza by posing as a hungry man. He got rejected each time. But a homeless guy didn’t hesitate to share his food with Sam.

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Friendship & Loss: Susie Steiner “SQQZY”

geeklessconf2010 030The emotions over the last week have felt similar to when we lost Elaine… except I wasn’t nearly as close to Susie as I was to her – truth be told, Susie and I were merely friendly acquaintances who crossed paths at geeky events/un-conferences/parties, who had friends/interests in common, and traveled in the same circles in the Tampa tech scene. As my mind drifts from Susie to Elaine and to Elaine’s sudden, unexpected passing on April 25, 2008, the memory – indeed the pain itself and the loss and utter confused astonished grief – rushes back like it was yesterday.

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I feel like the very definition of ‘failure as a parent’


I think one of a parent’s worst fears is finding one’s self in a desperate, helpless situation where one’s child is in a seeming free-fall into the clutches of something awful for which a parent cannot stop or prevent. Over the last nearly two years my son – the beautiful, talented, artistic, intelligent, intuitive child I brought into my life at 4 months old (2000), from an orphanage deep in Ukraine – has been spiraling into the depths of mental illness. In the last year, alone, he has had more than 5 stays in a local pediatric psych hospital and (currently) almost 5 months as an in-patient at a specialized pediatric residential treatment facility in Texas. My overwhelm and guilt and helplessness has swallowed me into the darkness, too.

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